Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hello there! Welcome to my tiny part of the internets. There will be plenty of time to get to know each other, but we have to start somewhere. 

Exhibit A
Here you have your author. Lulu D herself. You can see that I like my sunglasses, bright colors, and Japanese candy. Don't be fooled. Shiny objects and pretty colors aren't the only things I get into. In fact, I fall in love with everything, and I fall out of love with everything just as fast. 

Exhibit B
Did I say I fall out of love with everything? That was the first (and definitely not last) lie I will tell. Anyway, here's my one true love! He is a sweet man who I affectionately call Huzb. (Actually, he has a lot of pet names much to his chagrin.)  We live happily in St. Louis in a dingy Dogtown apartment with a couple mice and million house centipedes (creeps!).  

Feedback is great, but a couple words of warning: This is a hate free zone. If any asses show up around here, I will be a fascist and remove them from my area. 

Now that's over with...Let's do some shit. 

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