Monday, January 21, 2013

A Week of Goals

I have been off track and very sick. Off track with my my workouts and my nutrition. Off track with my relationships and my self-improvement. I wanted to start of this week with some fitness and interpersonal goals to keep me on track.

Fitness & Nutrition:

  1. Eat right. I know what this means for me. This means tracking my food intake, eating regularly, no binges. My eating has been irregular since I've been so ill. I need to eat to heal myself and strengthen myself for my work outs.
  2. 4 workouts this week. I'm working with a trainer, and this is I need to put a torch to my weight loss.  This will be 3 workouts with my trainer. 2 on my own. I'm thinking HIIT jump rope.
  3. Do my homework. I have several weak muscles I'm supposed to be rehabbing on my off time from workouts. Every day. 
  4. No booze. (The hardest.)
  5. Find my supplements and take them regularly! (Yes. I lost one of my supps. It's a suspicious looking ziplock full of sour white powder. Let me know if you see it around.)
  6. No drinking coffee right after workouts. 


  1. Rest a lot. I am on my first day back at work, and can hardly concentrate I am so fatigued. 
  2. Somehow make it through my grandmother's memorial service without out screaming at my sister and spitting on my bio dad. (Not so easy.)
  3. Make time to reflect. (3 times).
  4. Write a Thank-You note to a relative for a Christmas present. (It's late. I know.)
  5. Read a novel. 
  6. Make 1 DIY project.
I will update you in a week about how I do! This is rather ambitious, but I am positive I can get these done. 

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